★ Project: ASHA Convention

Day one of the ASHA Convention has come to a close, and there's a number of things I'm feeling right this very second:

  • inspiration
  • exhaustion
  • exhilaration
  • admiration
  • a lot of love for Maya Angelou
  • awe
  • wonderment
  • excitement
  • minimal to no functioning brainwaves

That last one is easily the most prominent at this point. The hours spent in sessions learning new things and relearning and rebuilding upon old things is taxing on one's mental faculties. There were times where I wondered if I was taking in something new, or perhaps if it was just making me think of the same old things in new ways. Or better yet, as my very perceptive friend Bridget pointed out on twitter, maybe something I heard from a session lead my brain in an altogether different direction, and that alone was something worthwhile.

Whatever the case, I have yet to stop thinking about anything since the time I woke up this morning. After a day fueled by coffee, professional development, and getting to see and enjoy spending time with friends from all over, it's time to hit the 'reset' button. Here's to another exciting day ahead!