Hello, Oso

After about a year of thinking about it, a steady year of research, and then a commitment to the process of starting a business, I'm thrilled to introduce Oso Therapy.

Right now, Oso Therapy is an independent operation which serves as a web presence and blog. As I work on it, I will be posting resources, educational information, workshops I present, and more.

I have many people to thank, but chief among them are my friends and colleagues Yvette McCoy and Dr. Erik Raj. Their knowledge, support, and encouragement have been invaluable.

The Bug

Shortly after returning from the ASHA Connect conference, I got word that the paper I submitted for the ASHA Convention in November was accepted.

It will be a two-hour seminar and will be a more in-depth version of my poster. If you're interested in learning about working with interpreters in clinical settings, and more than that, learning how interpreters think, I'd love it if you joined me.

Between now and November, I will be working diligently on my presentation. I will also be doing a survey to gain some insight from clinicians, and will post that soon. My survey is currently in development (on its third revision so far). Like most of what I have discovered in this process, developing this presentation is an immense amount of work. The result will undoubtedly be worth it, and I'm excited to keep writing about my process here.

If you are planning on attending the ASHA Convention, don't forget that early bird registration ends soon.